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Hello Everyone, it's been a while since people have made things here, so I was thinking i'd make a little idea thread, just post little or big ideas here!

[Grub-Dog Family][edit]

Red Bulborb - Regular

Orange Bulborb - Wakes up when you’re near, less health but can eat more

Hairy Bulborb - Less health than Orange Bulborbs, but are more aggressive

Whiptongue Bulborb - Long ranged attacks, roams the area

Bulborb Larvae - Tiny larvae, can only eat one pikim at a time, captains can kill it in one hit

Aquatic Bulborb - Tongue attacks, appears in water so only Blue Pikmin can come near it

Golden Bulborb - Faster than regular Bulborbs, roams the area

Grand Bulborb - Larger than regular Bulborbs, slow but can eat more than Bulbears and get more aggressive at half health

Wicked-Eye Bulborb - Smaller than regular Bulborbs, but can scare Pikmin when approached from behind

Bulblord** - Emperor Bulblax sized Red Bulborb, can crush Pikim via roll attacks, but has no tongue attacks

Spotty Bulbear - Bulbears from Pikmin 1

Roaming Bulbear - Bulbears from Pikmin 2, no spots

Grand Bulbear* - Larger than Bulbear, eats more and gets more aggressive at half health

Water Dumple - Regular Dumple

Alpha Water Dumple - Has bigger fins allowing more mobility, eats more

Piranha Dumple - Smaller than regular Dumples, but can eat and move faster, can come in packs

Deep Sea Dumple - Eats more because of large teeth, has a lure that attracts Pikmin towards it

Bulblax* - Emperor Bulblax from Pikmin 2

Fiery Bulblax - Has fire on it’s back, only Red Pikmin can touch it

Noxious Bulblax - Has poisonous fumes on it’s back, only White Pikmin can touch it

Empress Bulblax** - Spawns Bulborb Larvae, can crush pikmin via roll attacks

Emperor Bulblax** - Emperor Bulblax from Pikmin 1

?* = Mini-boss

?** = Boss