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Forum:Featured Articles

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NOTE: If you don't want to read through bunch of boring stuff, just read the last two sentences (the bolded ones) to get to the main point of the forum.

First of all, I would like to say that featured articles, images, and Pikmin are getting harder and harder to find each time they are changed on the main page. Quality articles and images are of a relatively high number, but they take a long time to craft, and the rate at which articles can be regularly featured exceeds the number of feature-worthy articles each day. Featured images take less time and the rate can be kept up with, however, but pictures should still be added to articles that need them. The Pikmin Family category has a fair amount of articles, but as there are three featured Pikmin for each "shift", they could run out, too.

However, the growth rate is not what is bothering me most, times of activity and faithful users have kept the features running and they will likely still work to keep them going. I will write a new article every time, if I have to. Maybe it's just me, but I find it tiresome to go through lists of pages to find articles that can be featured. I suggest we have featured article/image/Pikmin nomination pages. Anyone else agree? My user pageMy talk page

I agree, we should have a nomination page for the featured articles/images/Pikmin like the other wikis. Also it wouldn't have to be the featured article/image/Pikmin of the day, it could be the week so our sources last longer, and a week is enough time for the users to add more sources (unless many users are on vacation or something). PikminFanatic23