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Forgotten Hole

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This article relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin 2.5, created and edited by Drigibug313.
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The Forgotten Hole is the first cave explored in Pikmin 2.5. It serves as an easy introduction to the underground mechanics, as well as the introduction to Purple Pikmin. It is sand-themed.


  • None

Sublevel 1[edit]



The first floor of this cave is very compact, with only one moderately sized circular area to run around in. The hole to the next floor is on the opposite side of the site you land at upon coming in. While there appear to be no enemies at first, upon leaving base one will see that the small floor is crawling with Sheargrubs! Be careful not to let the Male ones make off with your Pikmin. Next to the hole is a Crayola Crayon box called Rainbow Creator; grab it and move on.

Sublevel 2[edit]



This second floor offers a lot more breathing room than the floor above it, but also comes with the much more dangerous Yellow Bulborb and seven following Dwarfs. Fortunately, there is also a Honeywisp that can spawn in any of the small alcoves, giving you some free nectar. Take out the smaller Bulborbs first, then skillfully take down the big guy. The adult Yellow Bulborb is holding the Magical Slab treasure, while the Unknown Emblem can be found lying around on the ground somewhere. Once you've got the treasure, delve down to the final sublevel.

Sublevel 3: Final Floor[edit]



Finally, Olimar and Louie make it down to the final sublevel, and find a pretty huge part of the cave. In front of them when they land is an extremely heavy, but valuable treasure: the Spherical Atlas. It requires 101 total Pikmin to carry it, and the two captains ultimately decide that they can't salvage the treasure yet. They move into the next room, which is much, much more open, and filled with enemies. The sand has piled up in this part of the cave, and has created a hill that the captains must climb. At the top of the hill is a corridor leading to the exit geyser as well as two Violet Candypop Buds, which sprout Purple Pikmin! With their newfound allies, Olimar and Louie manage to collect the heavy treasure at the start, and the Ship uses it to give us access to a new area: Waterfall Lake. With all the treasure in the Forgotten Hole salvaged, the captains jump into the geyser to finish off their first cave.

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