Forest of Peace

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Darkfreeze 2.0.png The Darkfreeze is back...
This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze, which was created by SilverPikmin, a user on this wiki.
Darkfreeze 2.0.png
Forest of Peace
General location Distant Planet
Caves Hole of Monsters, Black Rose Garden, Medusa's Lair, Chamber of Poison
Treasures 4
Hazards Fire, Water, Oil/Mud, Poison, Ice, Glass

The Forest of Peace is an area in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. You discover Blue Pikmin and many others here. Many dangerous creatures exist here, so players must use caution.


Landing Site[edit]

The area where Olimar lands. This region is a circular dome that appears to be a lake long-since dried. A stick wall separates this region from other regions. The Hole of Monsters is in the corner. It is recommended to go there first.

Strip of Fire[edit]

Past the landing site is a small strip of (barely) trespassable land dotted with fire pits and Fiery Blowhogs. It is recommended to go in here with a few Red Pikmin first, then collect the Cherry Bomb on the other end. Be careful, it is guarded by a Dwarf Fiery Bulblax. On the corner is the Black Rose Garden. It is, however, guarded by water. It can be drained.

Watery Area[edit]

A watery region at the other end of the Strip of Fire. Blue Pikmin can be seen fighting Wogpoles in the area, the onion not being far. A few Pellet Posys can be seen.

Snagret Plateau[edit]

A slightly raised area guarded by a single Burrowing Snagret. Medusa's Lair is in a corner, behind a Poison Gate. You cannot go there yet, you must get White Pikmin first. The Spiked Nut is on the edge.

Darkfreeze Plains[edit]

A plains area where the Darkfreeze managed to touch. 5-6 Dwarf Darkfreeze Bulblaxes dot the region. Only Cyan Pikmin and Rock Pikmin are immune to their icey breath, but first time through, you don't have either. The Worthless Bar is guarded by two dwarf Bulblaxes.

Tree Trunk[edit]

A hollowed- out tree trunk with a Darkshroom Plant in the center. In the side is the Chamber of Poison.

Bulblax Area[edit]

In this area, a single Darkfreeze Bulblax guards the Viewing Point. The area is also sealed with glass walls. They can be shattered with Rock Pikmin.


This map is a reuse of the Forest of Hope and Awakening Wood from Pikmin 1 and 2, respectively.