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Flying Pikmin

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Flying Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that come from a rare type of Candypop Buds, the Sky Candypop Bud. Flying Pikmin have leaves for hands, and have two leaves/flowers on their back (these Pikmin cannot grow buds) which allow them to fly. They are a light sky blue color. They can fly over gaps to reach treasure and other objects, making them useful. Leaf Pikmin fly for five seconds, while flowers fly for ten. They can fly with collectible objects, but if there other types of different Pikmin, they can't fly. Example: there is one Flying Pikmin and two Red Pikmin. As the Reds do not contribute to the carrying, they will cause the object to plummet. However, if there are more Flying Pikmin than any other type of Pikmin, then they'll be able to carry it, such as two Flying Pikmin and one Red Pikmin. Once you get 50 Flying Pikmin, you will get a sky blue Onion for them. The downside for them is, they don't have resistance to any element. A upside is if a Flying Pikmin falls off the edge in a cave, it will either fly back up to you, or wait on the next sublevel for you.

Flying Pikmin.jpg Original sprite by Mattdog1000000! Credit to him!

Made by: Greengojira