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Fluffy Bulborb

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A fragile, yet dangerous variety of bulborb.


Pikmin Hybrids


Mamuta Woods

Bulborb Manor


It is nearly identical to dwarf red bulborbs, except that its back is wooly and it is slightly larger.


It leaps through the air and sniffs at the ground when it lands. If it doesn't find prey, it hops again to another spot. In combat it eats a couple pikmin, leaps, eats a couple more, then leaps again. This makes it very difficult to hit with Pikmin. Fortunately, its health is very low.


Suprise is the best strategy. Strike immediately after it lands and begins to sniff around. If you time a throw well enough, you can kill it in one hit in a similar fashion as dwarf bulborbs. If suprise has been lost, swarm it right before it jumps. Purple pikmin are especially useful, and with skill one can knock the Fluffy Bulborb to the ground in midair.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

"Fluffy Bulborb

Oculus Saltar

Grub-dog family

This species of grub-dog is easily mistaken as a breadbug relative due to it's size and non- nocturnal habits. It's wooly fur is the only barrier between the outside world and it's innards. Because of this, they are extremely nimble and fragile. They have been known to feed in groups of three; however, larger packs than this have not been observed in the wild."