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Fiery Bladebug

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The Fiery Bladebug is a very close relative to the Burrowing Bladebug. It is only found underground in normal mode, but in challenge mode it can be spotted aboveground.


The Fiery Bladebug appears to be a Red Praying Mantis on fire.


This enemy cannot deflower Pikmin, or eat them, but can burn your squad if you are not careful.

How To Kill[edit]

This Bladebug is normally found on sublevels with lots of water, so the best way to kill it, since aggressive, is to lure it into the water, and attack it with Blue Pikmin. Throwing Red Pikmin onto it is also affective.


This Bladebug does not burrow, neither do the Aqua Blade-Nit or the Subterranean Bladebug.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

This insect is a close relative of the bladebug. It looks nearly identical in appearance, save for one obvious difference: it's body is in scorching hot flames. As all creatures that have harnessed the power of flames, the fire feeds off of the toxic oxygen in this planet's atmosphere. The flames itself is produced by a liquid that is secreted within the creature's abdomen. It is then carried along the bloodstream and seeps through the skin's pores. As soon as the liquid gets out of the creature's body, it bursts into flames. Although unproved, we believe that this particular species was created when a pregnant female fiery bulblax ate a mutant bladebug. The DNA of the two mixed, and thus the first fiery bladebug was born.

Louie's Notes[edit]

Drain all the into a flame-resistant container. Wash down with water for 5 minutes. When you cook it, be sure not to over-cook it as it will instantly disintegrate. Then serve. It will have a crunch that your customers won't soon forget!