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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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The Evocabits Series is a collection of metal objects in Pikmin Forever. These are all objects with a relation to Nintendo, whether they be products sold by Nintendo or actual diegetic objects in other video games (such that they are not quite out of place on PNF-404, such as the Familiar Vessel being a toy). They all invoke a sense of nostalgia in Olimar, although he cannot tell why. With this series, he has only a very vague idea of the objects' original purposes, so he works off of visual cues to try and solve what they are supposed to be.


Name Real life item Location Metal Value Weight Max.
Bump Button Super Smash Bros. bumper Saturated Temple 50 10 20
Cryptic Artillery NES Zapper Arthropod Sanctum 25 25 50
Crystallized Heart Legend of Zelda Heart container Emperor's Crown 100 20 40
Explorer Codex Pikmin disc Emperor's Crown 25 7 15
Familiar Vessel Toy Blue Falcon Surge Cave 50 15 30
Master Beacon Staff Luigi's Mansion spade key Frozen Fault 50 15 25
Pearly Impostor Nintendo 3DS Frozen Flatland 50 15 30
Reticent Piping F.L.U.D.D. nozzle Arthropod Sanctum 100 20 40
Safety Chime Super Bell Mycelial Burrow 50 8 16
Sound Splatter Studio Headphones Luxuriant Lakeside 100 30 50
Stoic Edifice Hogan's Alley can Forbidding Precipice 100 15 30
Stone of Stress Metal Box Daybreak Glade 50 100 100
Velocity Hoarder Bullet-Bill-shaped bullet Emperor's Crown 50 15 30