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Ethan Proscow

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Ethan Proskow
Name Ethan Proskow
Gender Male
Home planet Canada
Height TBA
Weight TBA

Ethan Proskow is an unlockable captain in Pikmin: Before the Impact for it's unique Super Captain Adventure Mode.


Ethan is the president of Hocotate Freight which is an intergalactic delivery service which he proudly owns because of the`money he rakes in. He may have a mustache but he is indeed 13 and somehow got his hands on a pack of cigars (7-ELEVEN employees believe everything nowadays)... He is very hasty towards his employees making them hurry the job so his loot comes faster but this all changes when he meets StefyG, Nathaniel, Robert and Brandon. They seemed so hopelessly unfocused he thought his company was gonna fall apart so weeks later he gave the four of them a delivery to keep them busy before he would fire them. But in Super Captain Adventure he decided to go with them so they don't mess anything up and ended up being in the adventure.


At Level 1


Experience Points or xp at Level 100: 100998760

Common Level up Includes:




Power Up: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Pluck Speed: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Throw Skill: D-50xp C-100xp B-200xp A-250xp A+-300xp

'Suit'Bold text:

Shield: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Fire Resistance-300xp

Electricity Resistance-350xp

Poisin Resistance-350xp

Bio- Hazardious Waste Resistance-400xp

Geothermal Protection-400xp

Sub-Zero Protection-400xp


Speed: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Stealth: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Wind Resistance-350xp

Tar Resistance-350xp

Magma Resistance-500xp


Range: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Area: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-250xp A+-300xp