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Electricity is an element found in the Pikmin game series, and found in many, many Fanon games. It usually comes in the form of broken electrical conduits sticking out of the ground, between which arcs of electrical discharge jump. If any Pikmin touches an electric current, they will be instantly fried, with no chance to save them. Yellow Pikmin are completely immune to this hazard.

Some enemies also utilize electricity as a weapon, for instance, the Anode Dweevil electrifies itself when attacked. Some enemies also use electricity as a defensive covering, like the Supersonic Bulblax. Yellow Pikmin generally should be used against electricity-wielding enemies.

Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs[edit]

Adorable Breadbug.png PAOTB
This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs, created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
Adorable Breadbug.png

In Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs, electricity is used mainly in the Spark Territory of the Land of Wonders. It does not instantly kill any non-Yellow Pikmin, but does stun them until whistled at, providing them with the chance of being killed.

In Pikmin: Forces of Evil[edit]

Nuvola warning.png Pikmin: Forces of Evil
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Forces of Evil, which was created by Tavish DeGroot.
Nuvola warning.png

Electricity is another hazard in Forces of Evil. It works like usual, preventing any non-Yellow Pikmin from approaching and damaging Olimar's suit heavily.