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Eclipse is one of the antagonists in all of the games in the Pikmin: Advanced Trilogy. He is a major rival of Telekeniki. They have been rivals since they were just seeds. Like Telekeniki, he is a Striped Pikmin.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Eclipse looks just like any other Striped Pikmin. He is very arrogant and aggresive. He often shoves Telekeniki out of the way when he is walking by. He is confident of his skills and will go after enemies much bigger and stronger than himself. He prefers to use his dagger in tandem with his teleknetic powers, throwing it long distances. He is highly respected by nearly everyone in Clam Town.

In Pikmin: The Advanced Times[edit]

Eclipse appears off and on in Pikmin: The Advanced Times. He often challenges Telekeniki to fights, but then changes his mind and goes to fight stronger creatures. When Telekeniki finds out who the chosen one is, Eclipse is astonished that it isn't him. But when Telekeniki is about to be killed by Miss, Eclipse, along with the Mayor and Cheeko go to save him.

In Pikmin: The Book of Spells[edit]

In Pikmin: The Book of Spells, Eclipse sees a less major role. He follows Telekeniki on his quest, but secretley tries to help heim, but still acts mean towards him. He joins the Pikmin in in the battle against Giga Miss at the end of the game.