Dwarf Fiery Bulblax

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This is a Dwarf Bulborb version of a Fiery Bulblax.



  • Pikmin Z
    • Painted Pines
    • Avalanche Desert



  • Pikmin: Guardian
  • Olimar's notes
These breadbugs may be considered the a major evolution in breadbugs. They have gone a step beyond sheer mimicry, and have actually become an exact replica of the Fiery Bulblax. It could even be possible that these creatures are younger stage of a Fiery Bulblax.
  • Louie's notes
Not suggested for consumption, unless fire extinguishers are present, along with a fire proof covering for the mouth. tastes of ash.
  •'s notes
The breadbug family has once again attempted to mimic the grub-dog family, this time the host being the Fiery Bulblax. However, the breadbug mimic lacks several traits to fully mimic the Fiery Bulblax, despite the size. It cannot create waxy subtances that combust upon contact with the air, most likely because it has a different inside and is more frail unlike the grub-dog family. Still, the mimic has shrinked one of it's optical bulbs to match the firey bulblax.
  • Yoshord's notes
Pansarus pseudoculii vulcanus
Breadbug family
The Dwarf Bulborb's mimicry appears to becoming more diverse, as is seem by this Dwarf Bulborb's attempt to mimic the Fiery Bulblax. However, the mimic is in appearance only. The Dwarf Fiery Bulblax has no excretion of highly flammable waxy substances, meaning it is not on fire, and because it is not on fire, it does not have melting skin. However, it does have the same back patterns and asymmetrical eyes.
This creature neither tries to be protected by Fiery Bulblaxes nor seems to associate with them at all. The reason a Dwarf Bulborb subspecies would mimic a Fiery Bulblax is unknown as of this point. It may just be coincidence.


  • Pikmin: Guardian: these creatures are rather like weaker and more docile versions of fiery bulblaxes. If they reach low health, they will make a loud noise, waking up all bulborbs in the vicinity.
  • Initial Concept: These creatures are essentially just recolored Dwarf Red Bulborbs. They sniff the ground until they notice food, and then chase and try to eat the food.

Strategy to Defeat[edit]

  • Pikmin: Guardian: Red pikmin suggested, but any pikmin if in a cold area.
  • Initial Concept: The same as any Dwarf Bulborb. Squish, or else swarm quickly before it can counter attack.