Dunes of Forever

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In the non-canon game Pikoblitz, this is the first area. You find Red Pikmin, Cyan Pikmin, and White Pikmin here. Despite its name, this area is not entirely sand and rock. Actually, it is a hodge-podge of meadows, snowy fields and desert wasteland. There are very few enemies here, and those that are here are easy to defeat.


Pikmin Found[edit]



  • Sun Gaurd (Sunglasses) 110 pokos (15 pikmin
  • Rare Metal Relic (1/2 Dr. Pepper Can) 85 pokos(15 pikmin)
  • Jewel of Hope (Ring With Green Heart) 100 pokos (Enemy)(10 pikmin)
  • Writer's Block (Broken Pencil) 65 pokos(6 pikmin)
  • Sea Squirt (SeaShell) 80 pokos(10 pikmin)
  • Writer's Hero (Pencil Sharpener)55 pokos (Enemy) (5 pikmin)


  • Water