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Doomy Bulblax

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Doomed Time
This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin: Doomed Time, made by Pikness34, and help is accepted by other users.
Doomy Bulblax
Doomy Bulblax 0001.jpg
Scientific Name Oculus Doominus
Family Grub-dog
Areas Landing site, Katumbra Plains, Pneumatic Forest, Volampious Wild
Underground Areas Cavern of Heroes, Pikmin's Hole, Remembrance Hall, Doom's Stronghold
Carry Weight 15
Max. Carriers 30 Pikmin
Seed Worth 34 seeds
Value 19 Pokos
Attacks Eats Pikmin, slathers them in Doom Essence,lets out a roar that attracts other bulblaxes, crushes Pikmin.

Want permission to use this enemy in your fanon game? Contact Pikness34.


This enemy is a bulblax that has been infused with Doom Essence. It is much more aggressive than the average grub-dog, eating pikmin incredibly fast in large amounts (up to 30 at a time). The bulblax can use the Doom Essence it is encased in to enslave pikmin and turn them into Doom Pikmin. Occasionally this creature will roar in a similar manner as the Emperor Bulblax, summoning all nearby grub-dogs. When this bulblax realizes that it is about to die, it will shake off nearby pikmin and jump a short distance into the air, killing all unlucky pikmin beneath it when it lands.

How to defeat[edit]


Start by attacking like you would any other grub-dog. Once this creature reaches 75% hp, it will try to slather your pikmin with Doom Essence. If this happens, have a small group of pikmin take out the Doom Pikmin while the majority continue to fight the bulblax. The creature will subsequently use this move throughout the battle. After reaching 50% health it has a high chance of using its summoning roar. To stop it in mid-roar, throw a pikmin onto its face, avoiding its mouth. At 25% health the creature will add its crushing jump to its deadly arsenal of moves, making it even harder to defeat.

NOTE: After attacking the bulblax for a prolonged amount of time, the Doom Essence emanating from the Doomy Bulblax will cause your pikmin to begin to glow purple. If this happens, call them back immediately to prevent them from turning into Doom Pikmin.


Avoid its deadly bite and jump, and be careful not to get slathered in Doom Essence. Keep switching captains, as prolonged exposure to Doom Essence will cause steady damage until the Radiation Foil is collected.


Olimar's Notes "This Unlucky beast has been infused with Doom,or Doom Essence amping up it's biological Strength.Curiously this creature does not Sleep or lax like a firey bulblax which is why I decide to call this beast a Doomy Bulbax"

Louie's Notes "Take out it's Liver, Tongue, Eyes, And Ribs. Next dice them and drop into a vat of marinara. Then when the Doom Essence disappears you can stir-fry them adding chopped onions, squash, and add a bit of seasoning. Cook until golden brown, then serve your 20+ guests. Trust me, they will never forget the natural grape flavor and the crispy satisfying crunch. "

Pikness's Notes "This was an unfortunate bulblax that got infected by doom essence.I looked at this specimen's insides and was astonished to see a big pulsing purple blob.Maybe the essence is actually a parasite hidding under layers of froth.Nah,that can't be it.This specimen is also very delicious,although I hesitated to eat it.Nothenless it seemed to taste like grape,maybe a breakthrough?