Death Spiked Withering Blowhog

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Betta.jpg PAODS
This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Attack of DeathSpike, created by LoganPikmin.
Death Spiked Withering Blowhog
Scientific Name ???
Family Blowhog
Areas TBA
Seed Worth 5 seeds
Attacks Eats Pikmin, Withers Pikmin, impales Pikmin with spikes


These are Withering Blowhogs that have been infected by a DeathSpike Fragment. They are found in a variety of environments. It will attempt to blow Pikmin away and wither their flower or bud. It will sometimes give off a purple flash and harmless purple electricity will zap around its spikes. Harmless purple electricity can be seen in the air when it blows as well.


They look similar to Withering Blowhogs, except larger, and instead of orange, They have dark grey, and instead of a yellowish snout, they now have dark purple. They also have large grey spikes on their backside, and smaller ones on its face. When it is killed, it deflates quickly and its corpse drops. Its corpse looks like a deflated version of itself with no spikes.

Attacking Strategy(s)[edit]

Attack it with Spike Pikmin anywhere on its body, and they will latch onto the spikes. If you do not have Spike Pikmin, throw a Purple Pikmin at its underbelly, as there are no spikes there. The Blowhog should be grounded, and will try to roll away. It should get stuck in the ground because of its spikes, but if it is on hard ground, throw a Purple Pikmin at its belly while it is rolling, and it will stun it. Winged Pikmin will automatically rush at its belly.

Captain Notes[edit]

Olimar's notes: "This creature Mortemclavus Sus Inflatus or otherwise known as DeathSpiked Withering Blowhog. This poor thing used to be bright orange with yellow dots along its circumference and had a soft palish yellow underbelly. But after it has been infected with a death spike fragment it has big spikes now on its back and it is now green on its top and a sickly grey on its dot along it circumference. Its soft underbelly remains an underbelly but it is now purple instead of a palish yellow. It is now able to blow its spikes out of its body and those are tipped with death spike fragments and so therefore that will make other creatures around it catch the DeathSpike and will get infected. So the best strategy when encountering one of them is to bring it down as soon as possible, before it has a chance to blow its spikes out. That would lead to a deadly and dangerous situation. It is also more powerful now because the spikes make it heavier so it has a stronger air bladder.--Olimar"

Louie's Notes: "Inedible. Consumption leads to fatal flatulence outbursts. Otherwise known as farts. Eating this thing will make you die of FARTS! DO NOT EAT!--Louie"

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