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Dark Olimar (P3TDR)

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This Article Contains information about the unreal game Pikmin 3: The Dweevil's Revenge made by WooferWoof1!
Dark Olimar (P3TDR)
Dark olimar.PNG
Scientific Name Shadic hocimar
Family Dark
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Abyss of Memory
Carry Weight N/A
Attacks Uses Darkmin, punches, summons Darklings

After a grueling battle with the Greater Bulblax and The Shadow, you can either escape or finish the game by fighting Dark Olimar.

Dark Olimar is very similar in Pikmin 3: The Dweevil's Revenge as he is in Pikmin: The After Years, but he also has dark grey gloves without the pointy fingers and has a fire icon on the front of his suit and grey hair.

How to Defeat[edit]

Beat him like you would with any other enemy, rapidly pelt him with pikmin! He has a VERY high amount of HP, so it will take a while. Dark Olimar's punches do TONS of damage but they can only kill one pikmin at a time and the darklings he summons are hard to kill.


After Dark Olimar is defeated, he dies by bursting into flames. The captains will be rewarded with both the Universal Communicator and the Shadow Keeper.

Finding It[edit]

When you encounter him, you're just in an empty arena much like the Beady Long Legs and Raging Long Legs' arena. Upon entering the arena, Dark Olimar blows Louie off screen, knocking him unconscious. Then he rises out of your shadow, creating a perfect match to you and your current army.