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Dark Force

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This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Dark Forces, created by Bulbminlead101 with help from RuddieTheRedBulborb and Cheepy-Cheepy .


The Dark Force is the antagonist in Pikmin: Dark Forces. It covers the Pikmin Planet throughout the game. The Dark Force can also infect and corrupt the wildlife at will. Corrupted beasts become larger and stronger, and their Poko and seed value will rise dramatically. It is also the final boss, and has 3 phases.

Phase One[edit]

It takes the form of an orb and flys around the arena it shoots every hazard in the game after awhile it is defeated and phase to begins.

Phase Two[edit]

It attaches itself to the ground and tentacles release elements at you. It is wise to use bulbmin as they are immune to many elements. After awhile phase 3 begins.

Phase Three[edit]

The dark incarnation picks up the Crystal eye and starts the last phase. This is the last stand against the dark force. Using every hazard it can you will NOT beat this on your first try. After a long struggle it is defeated and the credits roll. You have completed the game!


The final form resembles Bloodbath