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Crimson Hole

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Smokey Bulborb.jpg This means War!
This article relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet, created and edited by Drigibug313.
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The first cave of Pikmin 3: the War of the Pikmin Planet, it serves as a tutorial for caves. It is in The Warfield.

Sublevel 1[edit]


This sublevel is very small, and the hole is in plain sight. There is a group of Dwarf Red Bulborbs guarding it. It is also possible to just sneak around them.

Sublevel 2[edit]


A small, generic arena seemingly makes up the entirety of the sublevel. Dwarf Reds roam around the area, making them easy pickings. Upon closer inspection, there is not a hole in sight; also, there is a crack in the wall. Have your Pikmin attack it, and the wall will burst open to reveal a second arena with a new enemy: a Withering Blowhog, which can instantly deflower all of your Pikmin. In this game, it gains a new attack; when it's health is in the red, it will do a body slam on Pikmin. It is, however, easy to defeat afterwords. After you defeat the bothersome enemy, the hole will open up in the middle of the arena.

Sublevel 3 (Final Floor)[edit]


This sublevel has four sections, and each has a little trial. The first section has 10 Dwarf Reds to deal with, the second has Fiery Dweevils that are carrying carcasses, the third has a Red Bulborb, and the fourth is seemingly just a really big, empty area. They are all connected to the starting position. After completing the three "trials", the geyser appears in the fourth section. As you enter the area, a tall stone tower rises up out of the ground! As you scale the tower, be aware that if any pikmin fall off they will die. At the top you must have a rematch with the Withering Blowhog, which coughs up a computer chip upon defeat. Have your Pikmin carry it to the pod, then exit through the geyser at the top of the tower. You just cleared your first cave!