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Crag Cavern

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Smokey Bulborb.jpg This means War!
This article relates to the Non-Canon Game, Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet, created and edited by Drigibug313.
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Crag Cavern is the first cave explored at Lava Lagoon in the game Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. It has a total of 6 floors.

Sublevel 1[edit]


  • Golem Blowhog x2

The cave starts out easy, with only a couple Golem Blowhogs to worry about. Dispatch them and move on.

Sublevel 2[edit]


Sublevel 2 introduces a new hazard: lava. Lava is basically water, except only Red Pikmin can cross. This seems easy, but your captains can't touch lava yet, so you must proceed with caution.

Sublevel 3[edit]


5 Red Bulborbs are taking a siesta in sublevel 3. One of them is sleeping on a switch that opens the hole. Defeat it, and move on without waking the others.

Sublevel 4[edit]

This is a rest sublevel, with 3 Crimson Candypop Buds and sometimes a Queen Candypop Bud.

Sublevel 5[edit]


  • Red Bulborb x3
  • Fiery Blowhog x5
  • Golem Blowhog x2

Any hopes for an easy sublevel before the boss are destroyed here. The sublevel is a big, lava-filled maze, packed with enemies. The hole is randomly placed inside the maze.

Sublevel 6[edit]


The boss of the cave is a Lava Goliark, a big, lava-spitting beetle with mandibles double the size of Olimar. The Lava Goliark has a few attacks. One is spitting lava at the captain, and another is charging at pikmin. If Pikmin get too close to it, it will snap at them with its mandibles. When its health is almost empty, it will do an attack where it jumps extremly high in the air, and lands on the active captain. When defeated, it will flip over on its back, and you need 40 Pikmin to lift it. It also disgurges a hard hat, which allows a captain to enter lava.