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Cosmic Snagret

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Pikmin-peanut.gif Pikmin 4
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin 4 (Wii U), made by BallsAngus.
Nuvola warning.png Rising Darkness
This article contains information about the non-canon game, Pikmin:The Rising Darkness made by BeatOli.
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Cosmic Snagret
Scientific Name Shiropedila Galaxicus
Family Snavian
Areas N/A
Underground Areas Hole of Terrors
Carry Weight 6
Max. Carriers 12 Pikmin
Seed Worth 30
Attacks Eats Pikmin, incinerates Pikmin, creates mini black hole

The Cosmic Snagret is a variant of Snagret that seems to originate from beyond the Pikmin Planet. This creature bears great resemblance to the Pileated Snagret, except for a variation in color. However, this Snagret has much more devastating attacks. This beast can be found on the final floor in the Hole of Terrors. Apart from the usual eating Pikmin, this Snagret can shoot a beam of pure starlight which incinerates any type of Pikmin. As well as this, the Cosmic Snagret can produce a black hole from it's beak, which attempts to suck in Pikmin; but this can be countered by running in the opposite direction. Yellow Pikmin and White Pikmin are recommended for the battle, as yellows can reach higher, and whites can run faster and dodge the Snagret's attacks. Olimar himself notes that although this creature looks very similar to the Pileated Snagret, it is an entirely different creature from the further reaches of space. How it arrived on the Pikmin Planet remains a mystery. Although this belongs to an entirely new family, Olimar named it "Cosmic Snagret" so as to avoid confusion.


Olimar's Notes

Cosmic Snagret | Shiropedila Galaxicus | The Outer Snavian Family | I found this terrifying beast when venturing through a cave with all sorts of strange creatures. Although this creature looks very similar to the Pileated Snagret, on further analysis it is actually an entirely different species; from another world in fact. It is suggested that a sudden change in climate on their homeworld caused them to migrate to a warmer climate, such as the Pikmin Planet. The strange creature is extremely elusive due to it spending much of it's time underground, however this creature must be researched further in order to better understand it's feeding and breeding methods.

Louie's Notes

When preparing a Cosmic Snagret, be wary to pluck all feathers off the body, as they contain high levels of toxic radiation. Then slowly grill for 30 minutes, garnish with herbs and serve with a side of vegetables. Bon appetite!