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Corrupted Animunculus

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This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game,

Pikmin: Infection in Progress, created by Cheepy-Cheepy.

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Corrupted Animunculus
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas None
Caves Overrun Laboratory
Attacks Dives into Pikmin, knocks Pikmin down

Corrupted Animunculi are robots encountered in Pikmin: Infection in Progress during the boss fight with the Awakened Titan. They are unearthed by the Awakened Titan if its arms are still attached, and are dispensed from one of the six ports along the walls of the chamber through the entire boss fight. The President cannot help Pikmin carry defeated Corrupted Animunculi because they are not even retrievable.


Corrupted Animunculi have a very similar appearance to typical Koppaites and Hocotatians. They come in different shapes and sizes, some bulkier and taller than others. They are all in different condition too, as some are missing their limbs or have broken eyes. If they are missing a leg or two, they will crawl and have no attacks. If they are missing arms, they will attack normally. If their eyes are broken, they will tackle anything blindly. A blind Corrupted Animunculi can be told from others because their eyes do not glow. Eye colors can come within a variety of colors, with most being dull.


In combat, Corrupted Animunculi are completely harmless. Their only attack consists of diving into Pikmin, which only knocks them back and has a chance of deflowering them. Corrupted Animunculi damage themselves upon hitting a surface, and easily destroy themselves after only a few attacks. If the President is tackled however, he will either be staggered and unable to move for a few seconds, or he will be knocked down, in which case he will rise to his feet momentarily. When defeated, a Corrupted Animunculus will shatter into many pieces that melt into the floor shortly thereafter.


  • Corrupted Animunculi emit bursts of garbled static when idle, in what seems to be an attempt to communicate. They also shout distorted phrases upon attacking.
  • When defeated, a Corrupted Animunculus' eyes will dim and blacken.
  • The Awakened Titan appears to be a gigantic unfinished model of a Corrupted Animunculi, with the addition of a beacon-like structure atop its head.
  • Some Corrupted Animunculi will slowly shuffle towards the President, and will fall apart partway through its venture.