Concealed Aquatica

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Concealed Aquatica
Location Volcanic Wastes
Sublevels 7
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Hazards Fire, Water, Poison

Concealed Aquatica is the third cave in Volcanic Wastes. It has the only source of water in the wastes, as well as having a blue tiled appearance.



This cave has 7 sublevels.

Sublevel 1[edit]

At this point you're not deep enough to find water, so the sublevel looks dry and sandy. There are a few fire spouts and gas pipes here, so take your Red and White Pikmin to explore. Be wary of the falling Blowhog!


Sublevel 2[edit]

Now we're getting somewhere. This sublevel has water! Now it's time for those Blue Pikmin. Take them out and scout the area, defeating any enemies along the way. There is a treasure submerged in water and another one surrounded by gas pipes.


Sublevel 3[edit]

This sublevel is fairly large, with massive piles of sand allowing access to pipes in the walls. Dweevils will fall from the ceiling and menace your Pikmin, along with a few Wollywogs and a Hairy Bulborb. Many of the paths are blocked by weak gates, and if you look around you'll find an Ivory Candypop Bud.


Sublevel 4[edit]

The rare Toady Bloyster lurks within this sublevel. Anyways, there are two rooms with water connected by a maze-like series of tunnels. Defeat the enemies, destroy the gates and you'll eventually come up to a room with the Bloyster. It contains a treasure. Additionally, there are Wogpoles falling from the ceiling, which may distract your Pikmin.


Sublevel 5[edit]

This small sublevel is like a break from the previous two. It's just two circular rooms connected by a straight path. Avoid the enemies and walk to the exit, but not before nabbing the treasure in the water!


Sublevel 6[edit]

Back to the hard stuff! This is the biggest sublevel in the cave, looking like a bigger version of sublevel 3. And with size comes enemies, so keep your guard up, get the treasure and go down.


Sublevel 7[edit]

This sublevel is simply the Ranging Bloyster's arena, with a few other rooms, but some Snow Bulborbs will fall if you look around.