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Cobble Pikmin

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Cobble Pikmin
Resistance Poisin and Bio-Hazardious Waste
Attack below average
Mobility strong
Throw average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Bud {{{candypop}}}

Cobble Pikmin are the 6th or 7th pikmin discovered in Pikmin: Before the Impact depending if you got Teal Pikmin before hand. Cobble Pikmin like their White Pikmin decendants are immune to poisin but are also are immune to Bio- Hazardious Waste and can find artifacts hidden under ground. they have light grey skin, red eyes and a dark green leaf on their head or a pink bud or flower. under the command of Nathaniel they move faster and attack harder, they are very happy most of the time and like exploring and if they get into trouble he can get away quick most of the time...