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Climbing Long Legs

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This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Global Breakdown, which was created by Peanut64, a user on this wiki.
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Climbing Long Legs
Climbing Long Legs.jpg
Scientific Name Pseudoarachnia acrobatis
Family Arachnorb
Carry Weight N/A
Attacks Squeezes Pikmin

This type of Arachnorb looks exactly like a Beady Long Legs except that it is blue. It has lost its ability to crush Pikmin but it now has three "claws" on each of its feet that it uses to climb walls and ceilings. It likes to surprise its prey with an aerial attack. Instead of crushing Pikmin, it prefers to squeeze them with its claws, squeezing up to 3 at a time! It will usually fall from the ceiling in the beginning of battle. It will also walk up walls and even the ceiling.

How to Kill[edit]

Only Yellow Pikmin can reach this creatures torso anytime. Once it lowers it though, any type of Pikmin will be able to reach it.

--Gamefreak75 Zero Two Avatar.gif