Clambering Gripmoss

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This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin Forever, which was created by Scruffy, a user on this wiki.
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Clambering Gripmoss is a practical plant in Pikmin Forever. It functions as a climbable material on walls.


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A flowerless mass of leaves mostly green in color, that grows in clumps on bark, rocks, and other walls. It is entirely passive as a plant, but its slight multicolor iridescence helps alert players to its presence.
A closeup of a patch of Clambering Gripmoss.


Olimar's Notes
Clambering Gripmoss Sphagripnum commune Gripmoss family At first glance, this monoicous moss appears to have readily visible iridescent leaves. But closer inspection reveals that these "leaves" are merely sub-clumps of one-cell-thick vestigial tissue, surrounding iridescent sporophytes. These sporophytes act as hyper-compressed soap bubbles, and when their surface tension is ruptured the spores are accelerated outward at blistering accelerations. Like most mosses, clambering gripmoss requires a damp environment for non-vascular fertilization, yet lacks the mechanisms for preventing desiccation. Gripmosses usually make up for this problem by storing microscopic antibubbles after rainy seasons, but the clambering gripmoss specifically has some presently mystery method of adjusting for water loss.

How to use[edit]

Clambering Gripmoss turns the surface it grows on climbable. Pikmin or leaders thrown or ordered onto the moss will grab a hold, and a direction can be inputted directly or by a different leader. It is often found near patches of other plants to create a perfect hiding spot from enemies.

As an active leader, simply touch Clambering Gripmoss to grab a hold. Pikmin and leaders in your squad will follow suit. Use WiiU LStick.png to climb around, WiiU A.png to release your grip, and WiiU ZR.png to whistle climbing Pikmin. Pikmin and leaders will try to fall off the moss as close to the point you did as possible. If an arrow appears when near the top of the moss-covered ledge, it means you can continue up to climb onto the surface above.

Alternatively you can throw Pikmin and leaders onto Gripmoss and they will grip to where they land, or lock-on to moss and use the cursor to select a location for your whole group to climb to at once. Idle Pikmin and leaders will stay put on the moss. Pikmin whistled by a non-climbing leader will hop off the moss, and Pikmin whistled by a climbing leader will join the climbing group.

You can also order leaders and Pikmin to use Clambering Gripmoss with the Go Here! function. It will show up as an optional checkpoint to their goal that you can tap on the Wii U Gamepad to select.