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Chia Jellyfloat

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Chia Jellyfloat
Chia Jellyfloat.jpg
Scientific Name Plamana re jelleo
Family Jellyfloat
Areas Jewel Citadel,

Challenge Mode Levels Challenge Mode levels to be determined
Carry Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin
Seed Worth 25 seed
Value 550 Pokos
Attacks Burns, electrocutes, drowns Pikmin

Hee hee, want to play? quote from Chia Jellyfloat

This mini boss actually has a strategy. During the battle, she will shot odd plasma balls at you. You must lock on to her and hold A, use the right color pikmin, to reflect it at her. If successful she will drop, and your chance to attack will be present.

Tikes notes

Wow who knew this think could speak to us. How is the question, which I sadly can't explain. But its body unlike most jellyfloats, is made out of plasma like substance. Because of this, it cannot suck up things.

Alice Notes Wow the one thing but Captain Pikmin who can talk happens to be really childish. I wish it was a tad more muture, just bit. I do believe its adorable appearance fits its personality though.

Captain Pikmin

Dodge with might, then wait for the right moment and reflect the shot. Swarm afterwards.


Besides Captain Pikmin, this is the only creature on PNF 404 that can speak.