Cerulean Pikmin

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Cerulean Pikmin
Resistance Ice and Sub-Zero Climate
Attack average
Mobility above average
Throw average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Bud {{{candypop}}}

Cerulean pikmin are the second pikmin discovered in Pikmin: Before the Impact and are one of the two pikmin that are extinct in the other two games. They are discovered in Clampclam Shores, underground and can only be created if pikmin are thrown in an Turquoise Candypop Bud. They are a light blue with a light green leaf or dark blue bud or flower on their head and have red cheeks and a unique smile. They are at home in Sub-Zero Climate and are immune to Ice. Under the command of Robert they have increased speed, strength and stealth. They love to play guitar and be awesome like Robert they love to drink only organic farm fresh Nectar.