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Cat Pikmin

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Cat Pikmin
Cat Pikmin.png
Resistance Falling
Attack Strong
Mobility Fast
Throw Average
Carrying capacity One (1)
Candypop Bud {{{candypop}}}

Cat Pikmin are a type of Pikmin that appear in A Son's Quest. They take on a cat-like appearance and unlike other breeds of pikmin they're highly independent on leaders and work best in smaller groups.


They have orange fur with lighter colored stripes and chest-mark, a long tail, highly reflective yellow eyes, whiskers, small ears, and a small nose. Their flower looks like a Tiger Lilly.


  • Much like Wolf Pikmin, Cat Pikmin are stronger than other types thanks to their claws

How ever, their claws can't help them dig faster, even though cats in real life have this ability.

  • Cat Pikmin can survive in almost any type of weather, excluding the most extreme.
  • A Cat Pikmin's tail allows them to balance on narrow edges/pathways.
  • Their highly reflective eyes allows them to be spotted easier in a dark cave or at sundown.


  • Cat Pikmin work better in smaller groups (usually fifteen is a good number)due to their solitary nature. They'll also work better if they are not being keenly watched by any leaders.

This weakness does not apply for the carrying of objects.

  • Cat Pikmin may not always listen to your orders, again, because of their solitary nature.

A majority of them will listen to keep this mechanic from being too player-hostile.

  • Cat Pikmin may attack/be attacked by any Wolf Pikmin in a group

If one fight breaks out between a Cat and Wolf pikmin, more could happen. If a fight lasts too long, one of the pikmin will die.