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Camouflage Knapsack

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This article or section contains info from the non-canon game Pikmin V, created by En Passant.
Pikmin V icon.png
Camouflage Knapsack
Series Natural Selection
Value TBD pokos
Weight 2
Maximum Carriers 4 Pikmin

The Camouflage Knapsack is a treasure found in Pikmin V. It is an empty snow pea pod.


Olimar's Notes[edit]

The ship claims that I could use this to sneak on the planet at night, which is an incredibly tempting opportunity to explore an important frontier. However, I don't recall a time when Hocotate ships have been reliable sources of information, so I'll have to pass.

Sales Pitch[edit]

This burly knapsack has foolproof camouflaging, allowing you to observe wildlife in secrecy or camp out overnight wherever you want, even if dangerous predators are around.