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Burst Pikmin

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Burst Pikmin
Resistance explosions
Attack explosion- high, regular attack- negligible
Digging Speed Average
Mobility mediocre
Throw average
Carrying capacity 2
Candypop Scarlet Candypop

The Burst Pikmin is a new species of Pikmin in Pikmin 3: The Lost Explorer. It is found in the fifth level of the game, Explosion Volcano, and is the sixth Pikmin you find in the game. When thrown, they explode on contact with enemies and continue to attack for extra damage.


Burst Pikmin are orange-colored, spherical Pikmin. Their bodies are shaped like stereotypical cartoon bombs, with the head and stem acting as a "fuse", and with an explosion effect-like symbol on their chests. A special physical feature of the Burst Pikmin is that they are cycloptic- they have only one eye. Dalton notes this feature in his Journal on the day he meets this type of Pikmin. Burst Pikmin also gain a black coloration resembling that of a cartoon explosion's aftermath on their bodies for a few seconds after they explode. Their limbs, which poke out of their bomb-like coverings when not detonated, are short and stubby, with three fingers on the end of each hand and three toes on each foot. They are also slightly shorter than Red Pikmin. Due to their shells, Burst Pikmin do not like to be around too many other Pikmin for fear of hurting them.


Burst Pikmin are explosive, as their name would imply; when thrown at an enemy or destructible object, Burst Pikmin explode, leaving them dazed before they continue attacking. However, while the explosion deals a hefty blow, attacks from de-shelled Burst Pikmin deal pathetic damage, on account of the frailty of their bodies after the explosion. Because of their explosive shells, Burst Pikmin have developed an immunity to any sort of explosion. When an explosion of any kind manages to hit them, they are left unharmed. However, they're unstable shells leave them incredibly weak to fire. If a Burst Pikmin is hit by fire attacks, it will run around in a panic for a few seconds before detonating, killing any other non-Burst Pikmin in the radius of the blast. Due to this weakness, it would be unwise to use Burst Pikmin for Fireball Canyon or other fire-based stages when playing Bingo Battle or Army Battle.


Burst Pikmin will become much weaker in a squad containing at least 60 Pikmin of other varieties, so it is best to bring along at least 50 during a mission.

Beta Design

The Burst Pikmin's original design had a crimson body, as well as a skull pattern on the chest. They also originally had two eyes. Burst Pikmin were also planned to be a evolved version of Red Pikmin that you would get via an also scrapped genetic modification feature that would allow players to change their Pikmin's genes to create new types.