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Burrowing Bladebug

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The Burrowing Bladebug is an enemy first discovered in the Tranquility Garden, the second area discovered in Pikoblitz.


The Burrowing Bladebug looks like a Praying Mantis from real life. Although, it burrows, and when it is burrowing it looks like a brown circular platform.

How To Kill[edit]

The only way to kill this enemy is to throw pikmin on its abdomen, because swarming it does nothing, and you cannot attack its head. Using Purple Pikmin is suggested, as they will kill the Bladebug in seconds. However any type of pikmin can easily destroy it.


This Bladebug is normally seen aboveground, buried in the dirt. It is normally found near a Burgeoning Spiderwort(s). All it can do is turn flower Pikmin into Leaf Pikmin.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

It seems that this species is unknown to most Hocotation scients, as it cowardly flees, although is beleived that there are other specimens that may uncover this mysterious insect's secret anatomy.

Louie's Notes[edit]

Inedible. Consumption may cause mass hysteria and frequent limb flailing.