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Name Brandon
Gender Male
Home planet Canada
Height TBA
Weight TBA

Brandon is one of the main captains in Pikmin: Before the Impact. He is wearing a un-used color in Pikmin until now which is pretty cool.


Brandon like all of the captains is 13 and is slightly older than StefyG by a few days. He is a talented artist and one of the 2 geniuses on the ship which gives him the right to write the scientific notes for the PIKI-D.E.X with StefyG helping him of course (second genius). He has a passion for video game like all the other captains or else why would he be here but he is a very good martial artist as in Tai Quan Do which make him a expert at speed and stealth though he lacks power he still is the every-day ninja! He Pikmin respect him almost as StefyG's Pikmin respect him! So this makes him a very promising captain, not BEST! Promising...


At level 1:

Power: 1 Command: 3 Stealth: 4 Speed: 4

Experience at Level 100: 100889990

Common Level Up Includes:

Power: +4 Command: +2 Stealth: +3 Speed: +3



Power Up: D-30xp C-60xp B-90xp A-120xp A+-150xp

Pluck Speed: D-80xp C-160xp B-240xp A-320xp A+-400xp

Throw Skill: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp


Shield: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Fire Resistance-350xp

Electricity Resistance-400xp

Poisin Resistance-400xp

Bio- Hazardious Waste Resistance-400xp

Geothermal Protection-400xp

Sub-Zero Protection-400xp


Speed: D-100xp C-200xp B-400xp A-800xp A+-1600xp

Stealth: D-100xp C-200xp B-400xp A-800xp A+-1600xp

Wind Resistance-400xp

Tar Resistance-450xp

Magma Resistance-600xp


Range: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp

Area: D-50xp C-100xp B-150xp A-200xp A+-300xp