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Blue Power Parasite

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Blue Power Parasite
Scientific name Antileechus floodea
Family Power Parasite
Carry Weight 1
Max. Carriers 1
Seed Worth 10
Poko Value Poko × 3
Attacks Latches onto enemies to protect them with a liquid barrier

A Blue Power Parasite is a type of enemy in the Power Parasite Family. It latches onto an enemy to encase the host within a large watery shield that eventually drowns all but water-resistant Pikmin. Creatures that typically drown when introduced to water, like Mandiblards, cannot drown when protected by the Blue Power Parasite. The bubble will pop upon the death of the parasite.

Olimar's notes

"A loathsome creature that encases its host within a Goolix shell. I discovered that it soaks everything in its path! Whoa! Better stay sharp!"

Louie's notes

"Must be eaten raw. If cooked, it dissolves into water that soaks frying pan and creates steam, which blinds the chef."