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Blue Bulbmin

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This article relates to the Non-Canon game, Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator, and is made up by the users of this wiki.
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Blue Bulbmin
Blue Bulbmin.jpg
Scientific Name Parasiticus pikminicus puteulanus
Family Pikmin
Areas The Portal
Underground Areas Aqua Labyrinth, Dark Forest Cave, Black Hole
Carry Weight 7
Max. Carriers 14 Pikmin
Seed Worth 10
Attacks Eats Pikmin

Hidden deep within Pikmin: Sinister Incinerator is one completely optional Pikmin variety known as Blue Bulbmin. These ultra-rare creatures are led by Blue Bulbmin leaders, similar to regular Bulbmin. If a squad of Blue Bulbmin is able to be tracked down and defeated, five juvenile Blue Bulbmin are able to be collected, if there is enough space in the party. Be warned, however, that adult Blue Bulbmin are formidable foes. Resistant to all elements, Blue Bulbmin can are able to leave the dungeon as well. There are four separate Blue Bulbmin leaders scattered in deep dungeons throughout the world, giving a maximum of twenty Blue Bulbmin that can be held in the ship at a time.

In Other Games[edit]

Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze[edit]

Darkfreeze 2.0.png The Darkfreeze is back...
This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze, which was created by SilverPikmin, a user on this wiki.
Darkfreeze 2.0.png

Blue Bulbmin appear sometimes underground in place of regular Bulbmin, wherever Bulbmin are found. They appear about twenty-five percent of the time in place of regular Bulbmin.


In Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze, Blue Bulbmin are simply a blue recolor of regular Bulbmin, with an orange stem and a yellow flower.

Special abilities[edit]

Like other Bulbmin types, Blue Bulbmin cannot be taken above ground with you. However, they are immune to all hazards, making them a useful multitasking ally. As an added bonus, Blue Bulbmin are also slightly faster when submerged in liquid.