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Bloated Bulborb

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Bloated Bulborb
Scientific Name Oculus kageyamii fattuss
Family Grub-dog
Carry Weight 25
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Bloated Bulborb is a green and incredibly slow species of Bulborb due to its gluttony. It has a little more health than an average Bulborb. Along with its green skin, it also possesses two extra canines on each side of its mouth next to the existing ones to help it eat more, chew faster, and slash its prey into ribbons. Bloated Bulborbs will also consume smaller creatures to heal itself. The creature will sleep when at full health. When sufficiently damaged, Bloated Bulborbs will retreat and wander the map in an attempt to heal itself as much as possible. Once it reaches full health again, it will fall into another deep slumber.