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Nuvola warning.png Pikmin: Global Breakdown
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Global Breakdown, which was created by Peanut64, a user on this wiki.
Nuvola warning.png

Blikmin are strange Pikmin-Like creatures that are immune to all hazards because of its enormous size. They are the same color as Mushroom Pikmin and have all traits of Pikmin put together. It has a Pointy nose, tail with leaf/bud/flower, stem with mushroom cap, eyes with no pupil, hair, ears and a gill-like mouth. These devious Pikmin eat the smaller-sized Pikmin and all breadbugs. These hunting-class Pikmin will show no mercy towards your Pikmin. They have been known to live at places with low breakdown-content. It is also rumored that Blikmin have their own Onion, and have their own giant sized pellets. The 20 Pellets are huge! Please be careful around these!

Pikmin: The Huge Debt[edit]

These beasts aren't pikmin, and are a part of the unknown family. They also are bosses that pick up handfuls of pikmin and throw them very hard against the wall killing them.