Black Sprout Garden

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Black Sprout Garden is the last cave dungeon in the Fearful Forest. This cave contains many plant enemies and bug enemies, hence the name. It also contains Black Pikmin that will help you a long way against a new hazard: slime. This hazard can create a sticky situation to your Pikmin if your not careful. This dungeon contains 7 Sublevels and 11 treasures. It also has electricity, water, slime and dirt hazards.

Sublevel 1[edit]

This level contains a lot of vines and many tree hollows that you can climb up to. Those hollows lead to tree houses that you can explore. Down below the trees lies 2 rooms full of vegetation and dirt clods that hide some of the plants that grow there. Up in the trees the tree houses connect to each other and spread across the whole floor. You could plan well up there and leave Pikmin to attract some of the wandering enemies below. They will get stuck trying to eat them. There are 3 treasure here with 1 being in one of the tree houses.

Spotty Bulbear X1

Dwarf Red Bulborb X5

Shearhopper X2

Male Probogrub X6

Skitter Leaf X4

Paragrass X4 (2 under the dirt clods)

Sublevel 2[edit]

This floor is similar to the first, but it is all tree houses. This floor contains 5 different houses and many Plantatiods as well. Be warned that most of them hunt instead of stay stationary. Proceed with caution and try to get the 2 treasures within the houses.

Shearhopper X2

Skitter Leaf X4

Hanging Chrysanthemivy X2

Elastifung X1

Slithering Flytrap X2

Spider Sunflower X1

Rampaging Rose X1

Paragrass X4

Sublevel 3[edit]

This is the first Sublevel that introduces slime as a hazard. There are a few slime puddles and slime webs in the area. But not to worry because there are Black Pikmin in the area as well. Call them to you and have them take out the webs, after that you can get the single treasure in the pool of slime. But watch out for the roaming Snotix in the area as well.

Snotix X1

Sublevel 4[edit]

This Sublevel is a bit swampy, but not too swampy. There is a main room and 2 branching rooms with algae and other vegetation in them. Be warned of dirt hazards that conceal enemies and traps. Also be warned of the slime and fire hazards in the vegetation rooms. If your not careful, you can be in some deep trouble. There are many swamp dwelling enemies here so Blue Pikmin are required to get the 2 treasures on this floor.

Aqua Bulblax X1

Lesser Shearwig X4

Greater Shearwig X2

Male Probogrub X3

Female Probogrub X3

Caustic Dweevil X3

Muscle Gweevil X2

Wollywog X2

Bullwog X1

Hermit Crawmad X2

Sublevel 5[edit]

A rest floor. There are many queen Candypop buds and eggs here so use them to build up strength. There are no enemies here and many black Candypop buds here as well. Just in case you lost any Black Pikmin. After your done head to the next level.

Sublevel 6[edit]

This Sublevel contains many dirt hazards. It is also the only Sublevel with electrical hazards. There are 2 rooms that connect to a room with tree houses in them. There are 2 treasures here. One is in the cluster of tree houses and the other is in one of the 2 rooms below. Think smart because there are a lot of traps on this floor and many surprises to be expected.

Red Bulborb X1

Orange Bulborb X1 (trap)

Male Sheargrub X5

Female Probogrub X3

Snitchburrow X2

Baby Snitchburrow X5

Fresh Chrysantheseed X3

Cherry Lerch X2

Dirtcap X3

Denum Nut X2

Sublevel 7[edit]

The final floor. Walk through the tunnel ahead into a big arena with many branching rooms ahead. What's recommended is that you break down the gates leading to each room before engaging the boss. Once you have broken the gates and cleared the way, head in the middle and the boss will appear out of the sandy floor. It is a Tunneling Snagret, a new boss found deep in the soil. It attacks fast so you should wait until it gets stuck in the ground like other Snagret species. Once it gets stuck you can plow it with Purple Pikmin and deal massive damage to it. After you repeat the strategy several times the boss should be defeated and you can get your reward. The treasure you get is called the spoil pouch. It allows you to carry items such as nectar or eggs or even 3 small dead bodies of enemies.