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Bioluminescent Puffstool

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Nuvola warning.png This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin 4: Curse of Astromountain, created by Xtarhaven. Nuvola warning.png
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Bioluminescent Puffstool
Bioluminescent Puffstool.png
Scientific Name Unknown
Family Sporovid
Areas None
Underground Areas Mushroom Marsh, Lightshow Lake, Toadstool Nether
Carry Weight 10
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin
Seed Worth 30
Attacks Possesses Pikmin

The Bioluminescent Puffstool is an uncommon enemy found in only three underground areas. They have larger and rather elegant caps, so their spores spread farther than normal. They can also move slightly faster and glow in the dark.