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Bestiary of PikSpore

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Nuvola warning.png PikSpore
This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game PikSpore, which was created by Neini, a user on this Wiki.
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This article is a stub. You can help Pikmin Fanon by expanding it.

The Bestiary was a feature that was removed early on in PikSpore. It has brief documents of some creatures in the game.

Unused notes[edit]

Page 1[edit]

Dwarf Brown Bulborb entry[edit]

A small and weak creature with a huge appetite. Actually a species of Breadbug.

Sheargrub entry[edit]

Females of this species are feeble and harmless, while the males are voracious predators. They hate water!

Glowling entry[edit]

A rather shy creature that mimics a Glowcap fungus. Sits dormant and releases harmless spores.

Red Bulborb entry[edit]

A big and hungry monster that loves to snack on Pikmin. A nocturnal species, it awakes only if disturbed.

Page 2[edit]

Mamuta entry[edit]

A docile and friendly species that loves flowers. Though evolved to respect their presence, it used to smash Pikmin into the ground, planting them.

Fiery Blowhog entry[edit]

A plump white creature that expels a volatile liquid that ignites upon contact with air. It bucks when provoked.

Amphituber entry[edit]

Froglike beasts that jump onto potential prey. There seems to be little difference between species.

Dweevil entry[edit]

Terrestrial crustaceans that have a penchant for carrying large objects on their backs and mimicking them.

Page 3[edit]

Burrowing Snagret entry[edit]

A dangerous bird-snake that can devour three soldiers at a time. It hops on its single clawed foot.

Puffy Blowhog entry[edit]

A blimp-like beast that flies using hydrogen. It can expel air with extreme force.

Spotty Bulbear entry[edit]

A terrifying diurnal grub-dog that roams the region freely. It will attack Pikmin without provocation!

Honeywisp entry[edit]

Dangerous relatives of this docile creature carry dangerous fireballs instead of eggs.