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Beady Short Legs

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Zero Two Avatar.gif The After Years
This Article Contains information about a non-canon game, Pikmin:The After Years, made by Gamefreak75.
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Nuvola warning.png This article or section relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, which was created by PikFan23, a user on this wiki. Nuvola warning.png
Beady Short Legs
Beady Short Legs.jpg
Scientific Name Pseudoarachnia armoralis bambinii
Family Arachnorb
Carry Weight N/A
Seed Worth N/A
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

The Beady Short Legs is an enemy that was first discovered in Pikmin: The After Years, and was later seen in Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds. It is a small orange Beady Long Legs with more contrast to the body's colors. It is actually a Beady Long Legs in its larval stage. Beady Short Legs are about the size of a Red Bulborb and can still crush Pikmin, although in a smaller range.

How to Kill[edit]

Any type of Pikmin, even Purple Pikmin, can reach this creature's torso. It is still too high for Captains to hit, however. In Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, however, Captains are able to hit the beast if the Ultra Fist has been obtained.

Pikmin 3: The New Exploration[edit]

This creature will hop around instead of stomping around. They are usually alone, although they will typically fall along with a Beady Long Legs.

Olimar's Notes[edit]

"This creature is in its first stage of life. It hasn't yet learned how to idle like its relatives, but it is still very dangerous nevertheless. It seems that the dangerous Beady Long Legs use to be quite an energetic Arachnorb."

Louie's Notes[edit]

"All you have to do is deep-fry this creature, and you have your own little snack. Just make sure to smother it with chocolate for extra flavor."