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Auriferous Dirigibug

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Adorable Breadbug.png PAOTB
This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs, created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
Adorable Breadbug.png
Auriferous Dirigibug
Scientific Name Auricus Circusmaximus
Family Dirigibug
Areas Land of Wonders, before the entrances to the Spark Territory and Loaf Territory
Carry Weight 100
Max. Carriers 20 Pikmin
Seed Worth 175
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

The Auriferous Dirigibug is a new species of Dirigibug introduced in Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs. Unlike the Careening Dirigibugs that throw Bomb-Rocks, Auriferous Dirigibugs use their heavy weight to destroy Pikmin instead. An Auriferous Dirigibug looks identical to a Careening Dirigibug, but is made completely of solid gold. The "balloons" of Auriferous Dirigibugs are an exception to this, with each individual "balloon" being composed of a different solid metal. The individual "balloons" of an Auriferous Dirigibug are composed of solid copper, palladium, platinum, silver, and steel. As the bodies of Auriferous Dirigibugs are composed entirely of gold, they require a lot of punishment. Although defeating one is a grueling task, Auriferous Dirigibugs yield great rewards in return. When first encountered, the Auriferous Dirigibug will simply hop off of its stand and begin attacking. Their attacks will be sluggish and not too destructive when beginning the fight. As its health decreases, however, the attacks from an Auriferous Dirigibug become increasingly swifter and unforgiving. At half health, Auriferous Dirigibugs act much like the boulders of Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae. An Auriferous Dirigibug in this stage can crush any Pikmin in its way, and bowl over Pikmin next to it. When defeated, the Auriferous Dirigibug will simply tip and fall over onto its side, and a sparkling silver-colored spirit will rise from it and fade away. Due to the fact that an Auriferous Dirigibug's body is only very slightly larger and much heavier than a Careening Dirigibug's, Purple Pikmin have to be involved in carrying its body. Contrary to what its small body size suggests, Captain Olimar cannot carry the body of a deceased Auriferous Dirigibug because of its extremely heavy weight.


  • Although considered the toughest enemies in the game, Auriferous Dirigibugs are not considered any type of boss.
  • There are only two Auriferous Dirigibugs in the entire game, and both are encountered the same way.
  • The live Auriferous Dirigibug in front of the entrance to the Spark Territory replaces the right statue, and the live Auriferous Dirigibug in front of the Loaf Territory entrance replaces the left statue. The statues can be told apart because the live ones shift positions slightly every now and again.