Arid Lakeside

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The Arid Lakeside is the third area in Pikoblitz 2, It is based on The Forest Navel from Pikmin 1. There are new above ground hazards here, such as fire vents and bomb rocks. Blue Pikmin and Orange Pikmin are found here.


Boss: Empress Bulblax

Boss: Empress MantleMantis

Boss: Raging Long Legs

Subarea 1[edit]

Of course, you land here, where you would land in The Forest Navel in Pikmin 1. There are Bramble gates and other things here, not really any threats, except for a Dwarf Blue Bulborb.

Hazards: None

Items: None

Subarea 2[edit]

Based on a few of the lower levels of The Forest Navel. Blue Pikmin are found here.

Hazards: Water(Where you find Blue Pikmin)

Items: 1

Subarea 3[edit]

The biggest part of the area. It has different types of foliage around in it, and some new enemies. The Royal Dwelling and Crust Cavern, and Orange Pikmin are found here.

Hazards: Bomb-Rocks, Fire

Items: 2

  • Diamond of Dimensions(Emerald) 120 Pikmin Points(10 pikmin)
  • Zirconium Rotor(Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 240 Pikmin Points(25 pikmin)

Subarea 4[edit]

It is based on the cavernous, cliffside path to the side of The Forest Navel. The Seismic Tunnels cave is locted here.

Hazards: Bomb-Rocks, Fire, Water

Items: 3

  • Analog Computer (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 170 pikmin points(15 pikmin)
  • Space Float (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 100 pikmin points (25 pikmin)


Total Pikmin Points[edit]

Pikmin Points: 730