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Adoling Titan Dweevil

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Adoling Titan Dweevil
Adoling Titan Dweevil.jpg
Scientific Name Mandarachnia gargantium
Family Dweevil
Areas Sanhattens Beach
Challenge Mode Levels Challenge Mode levels to be determined
Attacks Slices Pikmin

The Adoling Titan Dweevil is a unique Titan Dweevil variant that is able to dual-wield blades that are used to cut Pikmin in half. At a distance, a buried Adoling Titan Dweevil may appear as a pile of metal. When approached, however, the pile will animate. Four thin, armored legs rise from the ground one after another. The large abdomen of the beast struggles to unearth itself afterward. After rising from the ground, the Adoling Titan Dweevil's thin arms will reach into the ground and retrieve one sword for each hand. It will rotate the blades in its hands before holding a grip of them and initiating the fight.

Battle Strategy[edit]

Sanhattens Beach has odd rays of light shining down onto the arena. Mirrors, controlled by Yellow Pikmin, must be used in order to activate an "armor-piercing mega light". However, this is made difficult due to the beast's dual blades.


Tike's Notes[edit]

"Strange. For my job, I actually have to take deoxyribonucleic acid samples for safety reasons. I took this things test. For some reason, it seems that this is just a newborn."

Alice's Notes[edit]

"What a clever beast. This thing's IQ is over 350! I must say, its sure got a big head! Hee hee~..".