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Pikmin Story Serial

Chapter 1: The New Pikmin

An Onion the Awakening Wood just created a new Pikmin. This would be no ordinary Pikmin, as everybody would come to find out, but its life started just the same. A nearby Pikmin plucked the seed, and out popped a new Pikmin. The Onion had the special ability to impart limited knowledge to new Pikmin: it would plant information into a Pikmin's mind after its creation, and then it would be expelled from the Onion and take root in the ground. This Pikmin thanked the other Pikmin for plucking it, then climbed up one of the legs of the Onion.

Onions are special in the fact that they are their own dimensions, separated from the rest of existence. As such, Onions' insides are many hundreds of times larger than the outside. The reason for this is because the Onion is the mothership of the Pikmin, and needs to be able to carry thousands, if not tens or even hundreds of thousands of Pikmin at once. The Pikmin, once it climbed inside, knew where it needed to go: the Sprout Facility. The Sprout Facility was the first place all Sproutlings visited after their plucking. Here, Sproutlings would be taught of what it's like to be a Pikmin, and they would be named here, too.

The Pikmin found the Sprout Facility with little trouble: after entering the Onion, he came into a chamber, with a passageway in the front that read, "SPROUT FACILITY". Next to each entrance was a Sprout Facility. Here, he quickly found an instructor, who taught him basic Pikmin skills, such as carrying, fighting, throwing, etc. Then the instructor got a Pikmin name generator and pulled up a name: Ignis. The Pikmin accepted the name, thanked the instructor, and left the facility. After a Sproutling's visit to the Sprout Facility, they are advised to exit the Onion, in order to learn the Pikmin's ways, and further enhance their knowledge. Ignis, after leaving the Onion, wandered around the Awakening Wood a bit, and found some Pikmin sneaking up on a trio of Dwarf Bulborbs.

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Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet

The long awaited sequel to Pikmin 2, created by Drigibug313.
The game is currently only being worked on by Drigibug313, Skitter Twig, and Blueflower999.
This game is set one year after Pikmin 2. Olimar is flying back to Hocotate after a long trip with his son, when he decides to look at footage from a secret camera he placed on the Pikmin Planet to monitor them while he is away. Suddenly, he sees the Pikmin fighting for their lives against some enemies. But something is not right - these enemies seem to be made of black smoke, and a second before the footage ends, he glimpses something even more disturbing: there seem to be pitch black Pikmin fighting with the enemies! He immediately turns the ship around, and heads toward the Planet of the Pikmin.


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