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Pikmin Story Serial

Chapter 4: The Expedition

Ignis was still asleep when someone started pounding on his door. "Ignis! Are you awake?" said a muffled voice.

"Mmm... No, go away..." the still-asleep Ignis mumbled. The person pounded harder. "Ignis! Wake up already! They’re leaving without you!"

He woke up with a start, looking around for the source of the voice. "What! Who’s there?!" Ignis demanded. He made his way to the door to see who it was. "Who are you?" Ignis asked.

"It's me, Flare. You already forgot me?"

"Oh, yeah. Sorry."

"It's fine, but anyway, Ruby and everybody else are leaving already, and—"

"Let's go, then!" Ignis proclaimed, and dashed down the Onion. "Jeez, slow down, would you?" Flare grumbled, and ran to catch up with Ignis. By the time Flare did so, Ignis was already waiting near the exit.

"Hey, you tell me to hurry up, and then you take forever to get here," Ignis said.

"Oh, shut up," Flare said, rolling his eyes. "They're waiting below the Onion." With that, they climbed down the legs of the Onion. The bright morning light flooded Ignis's eyes, forcing him to squint. True to Flare's word, a group of Pikmin was waiting for them. Eighteen Pikmin were in the group, and when Flare and Ignis got down, Ruby welcomed them.

"Good morning, Ignis. Did Flare wake you up?" Ruby asked.

"Yeah. He kept pounding on my door. I thought he'd never stop!" Ignis joked.

"Oh, please..." Flare muttered under his breath.

"I see," said Ruby. "Now then, since we're all here, I'm going to talk about what we're doing today. As most of you know, the tree near the Snagret Hole has had some... interesting creatures lately. Most of us avoid that place, and even then, some Pikmin who go to explore it don't make it back alive. Our goal today is to investigate the tree and find out why monsters have appeared there and why they're so strong. Any questions?"

"Yeah," said a Pikmin in the group. "How long will it take?"

"Hmm... It's about 7 am right now... At least till noon, if things go smoothly," Ruby said, "but we'll probably have some run-ins with monsters, so it'll probably be most of the day. Anything else?"

"How many Pikmin died?" said another Pikmin. The feeling of unease started to settle in with that question.

"They vanished, not died, and the records say thirteen Pikmin vanished. But they were by themselves, and we're a group of twenty, so we should be fine. Alright, we can't waste any time, we need to—"

"Hold on. Who's that?" said a suspecting Pikmin, pointing right at Ignis, who was alarmed by her sharpness. "He's clearly a Sproutling, but something isn't right. He seems familiar somehow."

"Oh, this would be Ignis," Ruby said. "You probably feel that way because he's got the Elem."

The others were a little surprised that they were standing next to the Pikmin that they heard rumors about last night, but the interrogative Pikmin only became more suspicious. "Why are you letting a Sproutling with Elem come on a mission like this? It could jeopardize the mission! He could release fire at any second and—"

"Amber," Ruby said in a firm voice, and the Pikmin named Amber looked down at the ground in frustration.

"...Fine," Amber huffed, giving up her argument. "Don't blame me if something goes wrong, like it did that one time..." Those last words hung in the air, further reinforcing the uneasy feeling. The other Pikmin glanced worriedly at Ignis. What's going on? What happened? What aren't they telling me? he thought suspiciously. "...Well, I say enough of this, and let's get on with the mission," Ignis declared, disagreeing with Amber's ideas.

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Pikmin Forever

Pikmin Forever is a fan-made game by Scruffy, for the Wii U. It is a direct sequel to Pikmin 3, and its story essentially brings the story arc of the first three games to a conclusion: Captain Olimar must venture to PNF-404 one last time, and all along his latest and largest mission he discovers the true nature and purpose of Pikmin and the Onions. The gameplay of Pikmin Forever combines elements of all three canon games, while adding new types of Pikmin, a new feature to direct where Pikmin carry items, and new, physically dynamic enemies. It also features a revamped Challenge Mode and a Sandbox for creating Pikmin challenges. Its graphics improve upon those of Pikmin 3, with higher quality textures (and anti-aliasing), more realistic reflections, and better physically plausible shading.


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