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Artwork of Deathbone Desert.

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Pikmin Story Serial

"Oh..." Louie groaned, "Where am I?"

"Louie! You're awake! Thank goodness!" Olimar cried, "We've... I've been worried sick about you!"

"What happened?!" Louie suddenly gasped, bolting upright.

"Calm down, Louie!" Olimar shoved him back down to a laying position and began recounting their story, "I don't what all happened, but we found your messages while exploring a subterranean hole. On the bottom, we found you, but an enormous dweevil had apparently 'collected' you. We managed to retrieve you and the treasures, but it was pretty difficult. Our 'beloved' President was nearly killed during the--"

"AAAARRRGGHH!" Louie bolted upright again, and began struggling violently against Olimar, all the time ranting loudly, "THAT PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HOCOTATIAN! HE IS GOING TO REGRET HIS EVERY CRIME!!!"

Olimar reached over and grabbed a needle, speaking to Louie all the while, "Louie, I am going to have to knock you out. In your condition you are far too weak to put this stress on your body."

Louie's vision began to blacken, but as it darkened memories began to flood through his mind. Joining with a titanic creature, controlling it, seeing though its eyes and feeling its sensations, almost abandoning his own body completely, flashes of fire and lightning, the pain of Pikmin attacking the creature, the creature dying, and feeling like his own body was disintegrating, and then nothing.

Louie slept for a long time.


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To see past episodes of this serial, go to PikminFanon:Pikmin Story Archive

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August 22nd, 2014
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August 4th, 2013
Pikmin 3 has been released in North America!!!

August 1st, 2013
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April 17th, 2013
Pikmin 3 will be released in North America on August 4th this year!

Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet

The long awaited sequel to Pikmin 2, created by Drigibug313.
The game is currently only being worked on by Drigibug313, Skitter Twig, and Blueflower999.
This game is set one year after Pikmin 2. Olimar is flying back to Hocotate after a long trip with his son, when he decides to look at footage from a secret camera he placed on the Pikmin Planet to monitor them while he is away. Suddenly, he sees the Pikmin fighting for their lives against some enemies. But something is not right - these enemies seem to be made of black smoke, and a second before the footage ends, he glimpses something even more disturbing: there seem to be pitch black Pikmin fighting with the enemies! He immediately turns the ship around, and heads toward the Planet of the Pikmin.


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